Stopping the exploitation of people through the myriad of internet based scams (Cybercrime).  An international group of advocates who offer free, easily accessible resources for those charged with serious crimes in foreign countries.  With the vast growth of technology and social media - new and pernicious forms of human exploitation are appearing with expected increases likely based on the low capital cost, minimal risk to scammers and cartels and potential high financial gains.

Global Solutions



MULE was formed in July 2015 and is made up of a diverse group of international experts in human trafficking

Best possible outcomes for those arrested in foreign jurisdictions through immediate assistance

Cross-jurisdictional media personnel with sensitivity & understanding of appropriate cultural protocols

 An international group of advocates who offer free, accessible resources for those charged with serious crimes in foreign countries.

Speedy referrals to appropriately experienced criminal defence lawyers - in the country of arrest who speak fluent English.

A tool box of instructions (checklist) on how to proceed safely, minimise risk and obtain expert referrals, diplomatic assistance and emotional support. 

MULE also offers educational resources and advice from past victims of scams; access to technological and surveillance experts, criminal investigators and media personnel, to ensure less people are duped by international criminal cartels trafficking in illegal goods and human misery.

  • Legal Advice
  • Scam Support
  • Criminal Defence Lawyers
  • Intelligence & Investigation
  • Diplomatic Assistance
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Media Communications
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Forensic examination
  • Romance Scam Consultancy

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Mount Maunganui 3150  NEW ZEALAND




MULE has helped make me understand  the difference in other countries laws and the process of things including the embassies and what they are allowed or not allowed to do.

Nothing goes as planned but with the help of MULE and the people involved giving their time, knowledge and vital expertise in this field, we have been able to move forward a lot quicker and smoother than what would otherwise be expected.  

I feel less pressured to make all these decisions suddenly presented before me and the family.  Thank you so much team MULE for all your professional ongoing help and support
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